About the Governance Proposals category

There will be five governance proposal types that will be considered in the OATH Governance System:

  • Ecosystem Sentiment Votes shall gauge the sentiment of OATH governance participants on a particular topic (ex: partner with Balancer, Lido, etc). These will be non-binding and will only serve as a vehicle for governance voters to share their views; thus, no contributor to the OATH ecosystem is required to implement any approved ecosystem sentiment proposal option.

  • Funding Proposals shall request funding from the OATH Foundation to perform maintenance, upgrades, or improvements to existing OATH ecosystem dApps / software / front end websites

  • Gauge Votes will be utilized to distribute OATH emissions to designated gauges where applicable in the OATH ecosystem.

  • OATH Improvement Proposals (OIPs) shall be used for governance proposals that require work to implement (ex: integrate new dApp to an OATH ecosystem dApp, support a new network, etc).

  • Token Grants will be utilized to incentivize development of the OATH ecosystem via new contributors and associated marketing efforts by individual contributors, consultants, or development teams. Open for users to define how the grant would be used to further the OATH ecosystem.

Standard naming convention: OGP-XX
OGP - OATH Governance Proposal
XX - label until the proposal is passed over to the GPRC where it will receive the next incremental number