Governance Proposal Template

Applicants are expected to provide a statement of work (SoW) within 2 weeks of approval, a SoW is not required to apply and does not need to be attached to the form at this time.

Applicants are not required to provide identifying documentation upon submission of application, however, if the proposal is approved, applicants must be willing and able to submit identification documents to the OATH Foundation for KYC and AML compliance purposes. Personal information will never be disclosed by the OATH Foundation and the OATH Foundation agrees to take all necessary steps to ensure the protection of applicants’ personal information.

Note: Applicants must define (if applicable) any and all IP ownership, otherwise it is assumed that new IP created through this grant program is owned by the OATH Foundation.

Proposal Title:

Proposal Chain: Arbitrum, Avalanche, BSC, Ethereum, Fantom, Optimism, Polygon or Other (please specify)
Type (Choose one): Funding Proposal / OATH Improvement Proposal (OIP) / Sentiment Vote / Token Grant
Proposal Author:

Executive Summary

A high-level overview of the proposal not to exceed five sentences.

Proposal Motivation:

  • The reasons behind your submission of the proposal.
  • Any existing or foreseen conflicts of interest that might arise with your proposal, whether as an individual, a group, or an entity.
  • The reasons that justify why the Collective should consider and implement your proposal.

Proposal Specifics:

Observations and identified issues that form the basis of the proposal.

Team Experience

Elaborate on the experience of the proposal team and why they will be successful implementing the proposal.

Key Objectives & Success Metrics

Primary goals and measurable metrics to determine the success of the proposal.

Length of Engagement & Budget Breakdown

Duration of engagement and budgetary considerations for implementing the proposal.

Community Support

Insert a demonstration of community engagement and feedback, including any community votes or engagement metrics.


List any potential partnerships with other protocols, projects, or institutions that the project aims to leverage

Risk Assessment

Potential risks and their impact on the community, ecosystem, and OATH protocols.

Additional Details

Open for anything relevant the author would like to share.