Monthly ecosystem email idea

Hello all.

Long time lurker. First time poster of a new topic.

We’ve had some internal discussions around the idea of a monthly ecosystem email (or patch notes as we’ve referred to it internally).

The idea would be that this would be for members of the community who don’t have the time to keep track of all our socials/discord/governance conversations and would like an aggregated version. Keeping that user in mind, I would want it to be as concise as possible. I like how simple The DeFi Investor does his weekly alpha -

The format would look something like


  • Line of news
  • Line of news
  • Maybe line of what’s coming up? Will need to check with devs if they’d be happy with this

Here’s an example of what it might look like for Ironclad:


  • Added ezETH and weETH markets
  • Embers points program launched [link] and end date

Posting this here to see if anyone would see value in it. This would most likely be introduced post unification. Even if a handful of people are interested, i’d be happy to write and distribute this but keen to hear what people think, what people would want to see, suggestions on formatting or whatever other thoughts you may have.

EDIT: I should also add that a version of this will of course be distributed through our usual communication channels so no one is missing out. This is mostly for people that want an aggregated update straight to an email.


yes pls ready for GPRC review with haste


Thank you.

Please find below my credentials for consideration

  • I want to do it
  • At least one person wants me to do it

This is a brilliant idea and I think would make a huge difference for a lot of people to have access to something like this.


Monthly email or monthly twitter post?
Im not to sure about emails. I feel Twitter is faster and get get to the point.

I think the Oath Foundation should X post an aggregated X of all news and updates on just one post instead of posting several X’s about one bit of news or update which can be confusing and hard to follow. Just one post outlining all news and updates and thats it. The Oath Foundation is the one that aggregats the news. The rest of the Oath ecosystem protocols, especially those that Oath post mentions, can like and tweet them to their users.


I’m happy to do both. The thought process for email is for people that aren’t always on Twitter or on Discord so it can be easy for them to miss things. I have at least two friends (humble brag) that are interested/involved with the OATH ecosystem but don’t have twitter or discord so the email route would be preferable for users like them.

We’ll for sure do a version on Twitter + Discord and probably end up making it look nice and pretty with the help of our designers.

I am a big fan of the idea of the OATH account being the aggregator and we’ll be making that move soon.


Cool. so long as all of Oath’s social medias coordinate in order to get their message across, all good for me!


sounds great


Good stuff. Would also love to see some comments on the new on how this helps platform, users and/or investors. Roadmap article that @yuvi is making is an example of that, but you could add bits of it in the news to explain to reads the impact of the news.

@ edit: just keep in mind that some people don’t read email and/or are not comfortable sharing this. So maybe a weekly X highlighted post would help. Something that doesn’t get lose in the middle of all other posts.


On the new?

I do envision a section covering higher level topics before i go into the protocol specific news. Like a section including news that affects the whole OATH/GRAIN ecosystem.

We will for sure have a Twitter + Discord equivalent. The timing (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) is something i’m also happy to experiment with. I’m leaning more towards monthly or possibly fortnightly to find that balance between keeping people updated and spamming people with info.

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Yea. just an idea. sometimes we read the news but we dont know the impact of them. but again, just an idea

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ah i understand now. i was confused by “on the new” but i think i get you now. You mean comment on the news and explain why its relevant. Like


  • introduced ezETH and weETH. More assets = better lending market (or something to that effect)

I like that idea. Builds more on the original idea of communicating things concisely

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Correct. there are different levels of understanding between users.

Aurelius mEth for example is probably the most important asset added, because people want to leverage its apr, so you can lend it, borrow eth, buy more meth… or use it to deposit to mint aUSD. Some users may not know that because the asset is yours, you still earning the mETH apr etc.

Other thing is to keep it short. then you could like it to somewhere if they want to know more like “read more” button etc. Lets say you share news every day somewhere, with more details, like on X. then weekly you make the email list / TLDR and link to the daily updates. Mantle does something similar at their discord and X, weekly. Eg: Discord

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Yeah i guess that’ll be the nuance. Keeping it short while also trying to communicate the impact of the change/update.

ahk i’ll check out the Mantle examples


Yes yes yes ily Brick this idea rocks ready for GPRC review <3


Seems like we’ve got enough interest so i’ll be pushing this to a vote.

Vote to communicate more with everyone in email/twitter/discord form post-unification

For - 1
Against - 0
Quorum - 1 vote needed


Welp. Looks like the votes have it.

I’ll post a draft idea of what it’ll look like closer to the unification.