[OCEP-XX] OATH Chapter Establishment Proposal

Proposal Title: OATH Chapter Establishment Proposal - Chapter Name Here
Chapter Chain:
Proposal Author:

Executive Summary:
A high-level overview of the proposal not to exceed five sentences.

Proposal Specifics:
Describe the Chapter protocol, how it will utilize OATH infrastructure or protocols, what problem it is solving, possible revenue generation leads, benefits to the OATH ecosystem, and how the protocol will be competitive compared to other similar dApps.

Chapter Revenue Breakdown:
- XX% - Bonded Chapter Token Holders
- XX% - Chapter Team
- XX% - OATH Foundation

Team Members / Experience:
Elaborate on the experience of the proposal team and why they will be successful implementing the proposal.

Key Objectives & Success Metrics:
Primary goals of the Chapter protocol and any associated metrics to measure long-term success.

Risk Assessment:
Identify any potential risks and their impact on the community, ecosystem, and/or other OATH protocols.

Additional Details:
Optional, open for any additional details the Chapter Proposal Author would like to share.


Love it. I think we may see some fine tuning as Chapter proposals come to fruition, but this is a great start.

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