[OGP-0] OATH Test Proposal - Sandwich Restaurants

This is a test post related to the test Snapshot vote with the same name.

In this thread, we will discuss sandwich restaurants and recommend unlisted restaurants for consideration by the DAO in order to choose the preferred restaurant of the OATH ecosystem.


Obviously, I am advocating for Subway.

I am a bird, Subway has the most bread, I like bread, case closed.

Totally Rigged elections. As a non American I feel oriented to vote subway as it is the only option I have where I live. Time to expand the horizons and realise that the world is bigger the US. Revolution is needed. :fire: :bus: :fire:


if subway wins we should pursue sponsorship in the form of unlimited white choc macadamia cookies


Jersey Mike’s recently expanded in my area and I prefer the underdog narrative so they’ll get my vote. Subway has more shops around the world than McDonald’s, always found that surprising.

Edited; Jersey Mike’s actually closed since Subway dominated it, damn. I was thinking of one called DannyBoys which is frankly awesome and should have been included

The correct answer was Firehouse. I will buy one tomorrow for lunch in solidarity with my vote.

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The correct answer was/is, indeed, the fine establishment known as Firehouse.

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My vote goes to the only fine-dine sandwich choice here available in Germany:

PS: “Döner” would be my favorite if we had the option though

or free refills without buying a soft drink or anything first!

We need to sibil attack the oath governance to propose global options instead of USA only options. Outrageous. :angry:

Proposing OIP-1 to limit the scope of OIP-0 to “Official sandwich shop for the OATH Ecosystem in North America.”

While arguably not the best option, is it impressive that Subway can be a way to unify OATH DAO across borders.


voting went without a issue :black_heart:

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