[OGP-1]: Ratification of the OATH Governance Specification

We are excited to present a crucial governance proposal for your consideration: the ratification of the OATH Governance Specification, a comprehensive framework that will lay the foundation for a fully decentralized and community-driven ecosystem.

The Governance Specification encompasses two phases, each with increasing governance oversight by OATH participants, leading to broad and diverse community decentralization in Phase II. Phase I involves the establishment of the Governance Proposal Review Committee (GPRC) with six Delegates (Four OATH Contributors and two nominated Community Delegates), implementation of the governance forum, and the initiation of OATH governance proposals. In Phase II, the GPRC will consist of seven elected Community Delegates and will feature increased requirements to pass a proposal vote.

Voting power will be based on OATH and bonded OATH (bOATH) tokens, with OATH tokens carrying 1x voting power and bOATH tokens having 1.5x voting power.


  • To cast your vote, please follow these steps:
  • Visit the Snapshot voting page.
  • Connect your wallet that holds your OATH and/or bOATH tokens.
  • Vote “For” or “Against” the proposal to ratify the OATH Governance Specification.
  • Confirm the transaction on your wallet.

Let’s come together as a strong and united community to push the OATH ecosystem forward. Your active engagement is key to building a thriving and decentralized future for OATH.

Snapshot link: Snapshot


Congratulations to all contributors on making it here! Excited to begin a new era of OATH ecosystem growth and participation with you all.


Congratulations all! Very excited to witness Oath’s decentralized development with all the bright minds in the ecosystem!


On behalf of the community, thank you for the opportunity to have an impact on the development of the OATH ecosystem. Let’s create the future of decentralized finance and real tasty yeld together.


OGP-1 Status: Passed
Minimum Quorum: Met

Congratulations to everyone who contributed / proposed updates to the OATH Governance Specification! Very excited to see what the next few months hold for the OATH Governors.


Lets go :saluting_face: