[OGP-DRAFT] Drake On Digital YouTube Ad Series + Video Segment on Ethos Reserve

Proposal Chain: N/A

Type (Choose one): Token Grant

Proposal Author: DrakeOnDigital

Date: 8/3/2023

Executive Summary

A collaboration initiative between Drake on Digital, a well-regarded YouTube channel, and the OATH ecosystem (including Ethos Reserve) through a token grant to introduce and endorse OATH/ERN to a wider, digital-centric audience. This proposal seeks a grant to fund dedicated YouTube content creation, aiming to enhance OATH & ERN’s overall visibility and user engagement.

Proposal Motivation

Reason for Submission: Recognizing the tremendous potential of OATH & ERN and the lack of comprehensive visual content around it, Drake on Digital wishes to bridge this gap and introduce OATH / ERN to a wide subscriber base.

Conflict of Interest: None foreseen. All content will be transparent, unbiased, and focused on OATH/ERN’s mission and goals.

Justification: Leveraging Drake on Digital’s expertise and audience will help catalyze the adoption of OATH/ERN, creating a ripple effect of increased interest and engagement.

Proposal Specifics:

OATH’s unique governance system has numerous facets that remain unexplored by many. Coupled with ERN’s interest free loans, OATH’s decentralized governance system is becoming a core focus in the crypto realm, there’s a dire need for content that deciphers, simplifies, and promotes understanding of both platforms.

Team Experience

Drake on Digital boasts of a rich history in producing quality content on digital transformations, crypto evolutions, and financial tech breakthroughs. With 38,200+ subscribers and a proven record, the DoD team is primed to spotlight both OATH and Ethos Reserve (ERN).

Key Objectives & Success Metrics

Sponsorship of 6-8 videos per month via a mid-segment roll utilizing the ERN advertisement

Success metrics:

Attain 10,000+ cumulative views across the video series

Length of Engagement & Budget Breakdown

Engagement Duration: TBD months

Budget: $2500 Per month

-Kwenta sponsorship at the end of the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QD3L9FjKgg.

Sponsorship placement is customized to your desire. Its typically about a 30 second roll on the video.

Community Support

As a long time fan of the OATH ecosystem, I believe that I can rally support around introducing OATH/ERN to my YouTube audience.

Risk Assessment

Risks include the volatile nature of price action of the ERN and OATH tokens, which might influence viewer sentiment. Also, any unforeseen adverse news surrounding either could dampen engagement. Periodic touchpoints with both OATH and Ethos Reserve teams will help in risk mitigation.

Additional Details

Drake on Digital, as a digital front-runner, recognizes the transformative power of DeFi platforms like Ethos Reserve and governance mechanisms like OATH. By championing this proposal, both OATH and Ethos.Reserve will not only gain a dedicated content partner but a fervent advocate in the digital media sphere.


I like the idea of commencing sponsored advertising, especially with trusted content creators such as yourself.
I’d like to better understand the OATH Foundation’s marketing budget to see how/where this fits in before providing my full support, but in principle I like the approach.

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Hi Drake. Thanks for the proposal. I know you from the interview you did with Nick Drakon.

Can you share more details? Is that 10k views an estimated amount per month?

Can you share what is the feedback from your previous “clients”?

As I said in the Aspenth proposal: I am in favour as long as it is well timed with team’s intention to market. Maybe now? Maybe during after v2? Maybe both?

Yuvi got a good point: there is (or should) a marketing budged. For sure I consider that it would be well spent in your channel. I am not just sure about timing.

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Hey bud,

Yes sir it will be about 10k views across the videos during the month, More so if one goes viral.

Previous clients have been happy with video sponsorship and still ask for videos from time to time, Obviously its more often in the bull when budgets are not as tight.

Just like with content creators making content in the bear, IMO now is the best time to market because the projects and teams that are being talked about now will dominate and be at the top of minds during the bull. Its similar to a Reeses commercial, see it once or twice and ehhh I may get one. See it three or four more times and im hungry, Im in.

Again, There is less noise in a bear market and getting your name out when nobody else is doing so will pay dividends in the future. There is a reason AAVE, Curve, Synthetix and several of the prominent DeFi protocols are continuing to market.

Thanks for answering. Sounds promising. I would like to hear from the team about the marketing budget and also other governors opinions.

Also, Drake, as curiosity… because ethos is on optimism, do you think your public would be keen to use optimism? Are the flexible or more related to a specific chain?

Hey guys,

I’ve been holding off on commenting to allow Community Members to weigh in first. For the record we do have a marketing budget with OATH tokens allocated to it for purposes like this.

I am a fan of marketing content that explains Ethos / OATH to DeFi users, YouTube viewers, Twitter scrollers, etc.

$2500 a month for the Ethos Ad without additional context is a little steep (just my personal opinion, you guys feel free to comment here) considering the ad itself isn’t very long (20 seconds I think).

I’d be more comfortable bringing the ask down and adding a dedicated video interview with Justin explaining the benefits to Ethos compared to other platforms, why it is important, what v2 is going to look like, etc.

So, my proposed updates are (this is just my opinion, others please weigh in):

  • Reduce ask to $1500 per month
  • Add length of engagement: 3 month trial run
  • Add a OATH Ecosystem / Ethos dedicated video interviewing JB
  • Add clause that any follow on proposal needs to include KPIs / statistics from the first proposal term (3 months)

I agree with A_S

At first I didn’t read it right and thought that it would be a whole monthly video dedicated to Ethos, but now I am realizing that it’s only a 30sec roll video at the beginning. I think dedicated AMAs would be way more effective for a Youtube channel rather than just ads at the beginning.

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Hey bud, yes my channel is catered to Defi and most of the viewers are already playing on the L2’s like optimism and would be users of Ethos

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Im open to hosing an AMA or even doing a deep dive with Ethos, The teams decision to propose a channel sponsorship was to get more exposure

I talked with Drake before his proposal about building a ‘YouTube native’ audience. Currently a lot of our audience is tapped into on Twitter or via the Blockbytes podcast, and this could give us a cool third avenue for consistent exposure.

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Hey, @drakeondigial, thanks for the proposal. Welcome! We’re glad to have you among us.

I echo @A_S on this. Without additional context on metrics, we’re flying a bit blind in my opinion. Having a case study or showcase of a previous grant like this would be excellent. The cost, at this point, seems a bit steep.

I’m more on board if we can clarify a few things, or we reduce initial scope as @A_S suggests:

  • Reduce ask to $1500/month
  • Add length of engagement: three (3) month trial
  • Include one (1) OATH Ecosystem / Ethos dedicated video interviewing @bebis. (30 Min)
  • Future videos / longer grants would include KPIs / statistics

Wholeheartedly agree with your opinions that now is a great time to be building relationships with our existing (and new) audiences. Just need to be intentional about how we do it and quantify goals and expectations to align costs / scope.

Excited to learn / hear more. Cheers.

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Used to watch Drake’s DFK vids. Always entertaining. I think a higher view count goal would something to stretch for to earn. Most of Drake’s vids generate 1K+ views automatically… so it’s not like he’s taking a risk of any sort and hard to track impact or effectiveness. Plus if the vid link is posted in the BM discord it would automatically generate that just from us which is really not the additional marketing we want. Should be cheaper or a higher goal for him.

I’m a fan of blockbytes and Austin’s walkthroughs. I think they make a big impact on engagement with Thena and Shimmer. I’m sure ROI would be great for Blockbytes since BMs relationship with them.

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Hi, thank you for your proposal and willingness to support. In my opinion for advertising 20-30 sec the amount is way too high. With 1-1.5 views, the conversion will not be satisfactory.

As much as possible I am in favor of AMA and trial period. Viewers who watch a 20-30 sec ad and become interested in the OATH ecosystem will be confused by the complexity of the system. They will need explanations anyway.

I also have doubts that the current market situation is suitable for a marketing launch. On the other hand, future Ethos Reserve / OATH developments are worth it for more people to see them

Must have:

*** AMA**
*** <1500$**

Hey guys, in order to help DrakeonDigital hone in on what the community deems an acceptable amount for this campaign, please weigh in on the $ amount you’d be willing to approve if this moves forward to a vote.

Hi Drake, thanks for the proposal! Really onboard with the idea.

Fully agree with A_S and Pixel on their additions of length, budget, KPIs, and the inclusion of an AMA with JB.

  • A quick thought I had on the AMA / breakdown:
    • It would be great to have it linked at the end of each ad segment. Something like “if you want to learn more check out this AMA I did with Bebis”. Probably a very minor detail but keeping the interview accessible and visible to new viewers would be of value. This would also mean the interview would have to be during the first month (or close to) of the trial period.

Looking forward to seeing this progress and thanks again, really happy to see you involved in the ecosystem!


Just my two cents on this: blockbytes is amazing but blockbytes public is already in the oath eco or they don’t want to be. We need new public.


I personally don’t like to put value on someone’s else work. I already worked as self employed. IMHO he can put his price and then we decide if we want or not.

The important part as mentioned above is that we need more metrics, like previous results for other grants he received.

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yes sir, would be happy to Host an AMA or put together a deep dive video. I addressed a comment similar to this above but I discussed with the team about their goals and the video sponsorship seems to be the solution that fits best. But again Im open to anything

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Based on our feedback, Can you make a new proposal and post here? (Not sure if that is the right thing, I am just supposing it is)

So if a video goes viral, is the team offering to pay more?