[OGP-DRAFT] Improve Trove CR Rank Visuals

Title: Improve Trove CR Rank Visuals

Proposal Chain: Optimism

Proposal Type: OATH Governance Proposal (OGP)

Proposal Author: coop

Date: 01/27/2024

Executive Summary:

This proposal seeks to improve the visual representation of the CR Ranks and CR % of collateral troves for users

Proposal Motivation:

Reason for Submission:
Many users have complained the current trove CR ranking is confusing and has led to unexpected redemptions. This seems to be a combination of confusion of what CR Rank means and not knowing how close users are to getting redeemed. For example, the higher the CR Rank, the more likely your trove is redeemed against, but the higher the CR %, the safer it is.

Potential Conflicts of Interest:

No conflicts of interest have been identified


Users have reported confusion and unpleasant experiences with troves being unexpectedly redeemed.

Proposed Solutions:

The proposal is to use improved visuals so users are able to understand their risk better.

Proposal Specifics:

Create a visual, or multiple visuals, on the Dashboard and/or Analytics page that demonstrates the following:
CR%, possibly with color coding to represent how risky the CR% is
Number of troves in the respective collateral that are a lower CR% than yours

An easy (and fun) visual to understand would be something like Pac-Man. Of course, Pac-Man is understood as something that moves in a linnear pattern and consumes. This could also be an opportunity to bring back Reaper Farms mascot, Scully, since a reaper would be fitting.

Whatever we choose to serve as the representative of the risk, which we’ll just refer to as Pac-Man as the stand-in for now, it would be portrayed on the visual with the trove most in danger closest to it. It should be chosen carefully in case anyone should develop a negative association from it.

If you have a trove, it will show you how many troves are between you and being next to be redeemed.

Key Objectives & Success Metrics:


  • Improve user experience
  • Increase interest in the trove analytics

Success Metrics:

  • Reduced number of complaints about being redeemed
  • Community approval of the visuals

Length of Engagement & Budget Breakdown:

No budget requested. Seeking community feedback.

Community Support:

Feedback from the community would be needed to get feedback on the new visuals



Risk Assessment:

Potential risks:

People don’t like the visuals
Users are still confused by the visuals
It could be counterproductive becaus of efforts not known to the author
It takes a time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere

Additional Details:

A benefit of making the visuals more interesting is it opens the door for social media content, such as a Tweet/X post every time there’s a redemption featuring an amusing graphic, and perhaps mentioning the amount of rewards going to staked users. This could help get more eyes on the ecosystem and increase “stickiness” of participation. However, this is not in the scope of this proposal.


Thanks for the proposal coop. The most interesting fact is that is no budget required, which means it is more an request/advice than anything else.

Interested to see how it goes.

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Seems like an easy win, please aggregate desired metrics and suggestive displays within this forum. I’ll mark as ready for review for GPRC and once enough feedback is aggregated we can push for a vote.


nice one coop
think some mockups would be cool to help people visualize the layout you are thinking of
doesn’t have to be crazy quality, can be a MS Paint special, but will help with understanding
similar to samson, would like to see a bit of discussion and consensus and will happily mark this ready for GPRC review


The CR of your trove w.r.t. other troves is not very useful as there could be small troves in front of you and the troves can be partially redeemed.
I would go for the minimal amount of ERN that needs to be redeemed before your trove is next.

Made a small example with BTC collateral. We want to know when trove 3 can get redeemed. The worst case would be both trove 1 and 2 get partially redeemed until they hit CR 2.5 and trove 3 is in front of the line. In the example it means at least 50000 ern needs to be redeemed before trove 3 can be redeemed.

IMO this information is more useful then knowing what CR rank you have. And is also easier to understand: “At least X ERN needs to be redeemed before your trove is eligible for redemption”

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Here’s another visual to show something similar to the All Troves view currently in Analytics

Here’s a rough draft of the visual of a user’s personal view

Another idea of the visual to reflect this

Love it, marking ready for GPRC review.

Open to hearing other metrics to consider in this thread :eyes:


Can we invert the CR rank? Number 42 says nothing about how many troves you are from the being redeemed? Number 4 would be better in the above example visuals ( 3 before you)


this is a great idea, +1

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That would be awesome. makes it really clear. 6000 ERN before you get redeemed and CR rank 4 meaning 4th in line

I also suggest to change “trove” to something else. “Vault”, “Position” or whatever term defi normies can relate to. I like Vault

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I have to agree with that. “Number 42 says nothing”, indeed. Saying your position in the queue to be liquidated while saying “you are number 3 in the queue to get remeeded / liquidated” is more clear.