[OGP-DRAFT] OATH Community Marketing Initiative

Proposal Title: OATH Community Marketing Initiative
Proposal Chain: N/A
Type: Funding Proposal
Proposal Author: SAMSoN, Charles
Date: January 23, 2024

Executive Summary

The OATH Community Marketing Initiative is a comprehensive campaign designed to engage and utilize the creative talents within the OATH community for the promotion of the OATH product range. With a total allocation of 69,420 OATH tokens, this initiative divides the reward pool into different creative categories, incentivizing diverse forms of content creation. The initiative aims to draw in active contributors who resonate with OATH’s values, thereby fostering a community that is not only vibrant and innovative but also deeply invested in the success and visibility of OATH products.

Proposal Motivation

  1. Driving Demand and Awareness: The primary aim is to amplify the visibility and appeal of the OATH product range by tapping into the creativity and enthusiasm of the community.
  2. Community Engagement and Loyalty: By involving the community in marketing efforts, this initiative seeks to strengthen the bond between OATH and its stakeholders, fostering a sense of ownership and loyalty.
  3. Harnessing Diverse Talents: Recognizing the varied skills within the community, the initiative encourages contributions across multiple creative domains, ensuring broad participation and inclusivity.

Proposal Specifics

  1. Budget Allocation and Category Distribution:
    • Total Allocation: 69,420 OATH tokens dedicated to the initiative.
  • Category Breakdown:

    • Merchandise: 10% (5,000 OATH) for innovative merchandise designs.
    • Infographics: 20% (10,000 OATH) for informative and visually appealing infographics.
    • Memes: 15% (7,500 OATH) for creative and engaging memes.
    • Threads: 20% (10,000 OATH) for insightful and informative threads.
    • Video/Animation/Art: 20% (10,000 OATH) for high-quality videos, animations, or artistic contributions.
    • Strategy: 15% (7,500 OATH) for strategic marketing ideas and plans.
  • Equal Distribution for Participation: The remaining 19,420 OATH will be evenly distributed among all participants to encourage widespread involvement.

  1. Competition Rules and Judging:
    • A committee, including Brick Frog, SAMSoN, CryptoNorth, Pixel, and Corval, will oversee the competition, ensuring fairness and adherence to OATH’s values.
    • They will establish a set of rules and criteria for each category to guide participants and maximize the value brought to the ecosystem. If the proposal is passed, detailed guidelines and criteria will be outlined on the submissions form.

Team Experience

  • The committee members are seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in blockchain, marketing, and community management.
  • Their diverse expertise ensures that the evaluation process will be fair, effective, and aligned with the goals of the OATH ecosystem.

Key Objectives & Success Metrics

  • Primary Objective: To galvanize the OATH community into actively participating in marketing activities, thereby driving awareness and demand for OATH products.
  • Success Metrics:
    • High participation rates across all categories, reflecting strong community engagement.
    • Positive feedback from the community on the initiative’s impact and effectiveness.
    • Quality and creativity of submissions, showcasing the talent within the OATH community.

Length of Engagement & Budget Breakdown

  1. Campaign Duration:
    • The initiative is designed to run for a specific period, allowing sufficient time for participants to create and submit their contributions across the various categories. We are targeting 1-3 months, but we ask for insights and feedback from the community on how long the campaign should stay open.
  2. Detailed Budget Allocation:
    • Total Budget: 69,420 OATH tokens.
    • Category-specific Allocations: As outlined in the proposal specifics, with 50,000 OATH distributed across five creative categories and the remaining 19,420 OATH allocated for equal distribution among all participants.


  • Collaboration with Creative Professionals: The initiative is open to partnerships with talented individuals within the OATH community, including artists, designers, content creators, and marketing professionals. This collaboration aims to foster innovation and high-quality content creation.
  • Engagement with External Agencies: If needed, collaborations with external marketing or creative agencies can be explored to provide additional support and expertise.

Risk Assessment

  • Potential Low Participation: One of the risks involves lower-than-expected participation rates, which could impact the diversity and volume of content created.
  • Misalignment with Brand Values: There is a risk of receiving submissions that do not align with OATH’s values or branding guidelines.
  • Mitigation Strategies:
    • Clear communication of guidelines and expectations to align submissions with OATH’s branding.
    • Active community engagement to encourage participation and ensure a broad understanding of the initiative’s goals.
    • Flexibility in adjusting the campaign based on ongoing feedback and participation trends.

Additional Details

  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Continuous monitoring of the initiative’s effectiveness and community impact will be undertaken. Adjustments and improvements will be made based on feedback and results.
  • Feedback Mechanism: A structured feedback mechanism will be established to gather insights from participants and the broader community, ensuring that the initiative remains aligned with community interests and marketing objectives.
  • Duration: We are looking to the community for feedback on this proposal as a whole, but specifically around the duration of the campaign. How long should the submission form stay open for?

References/Useful Links


This is a pretty low risk, low cost initiative which I hope helps kickstart a creator economy within the OATH ecosystem. I expect this to be a good learning exercise where different assumptions can be tested and hopefully we can attract some new contributors to share their skills in communicating what OATH and it’s products are.

A great way to distribute OATH to value creators.

To clarify, I don’t think there should be any ‘winners’ but instead the judging panel will simply help categorize and ensure details are accurate so that they can be published. My preference for this first one is to drive as many entries as possible. The ‘winners’ can be rewarded with new opportunities or funding grants to expand on their vision and contributions.

A disclaimer will need to be added to the submission form that the creators are happy for OATH marketing contributors to publish and edit as required.

Thanks for helping to organize this with me Charles and the other Mason’s & OATH contributors who didn’t get an author credit.


I think this is a wonderful idea. It will not only help to drive content creation and therefore education towards the oath ecosystem, but also reward those ecosystem contributors that normally would not see a direct reward for their efforts. It’s the oath ecosystem saying thank you to its contributors and giving back. I love it. I think it will also incentivize a lot of people with smaller accounts on X and what not to contribute, where some might normally not bother to make the effort because they think it’s pointless with very few followers.

Some thoughts. I would suggest a longer time frame to gain a better picture of who the truly dedicated contributors are. If you do it for a month advertising all this oath up for grabs you could possibly get people who just jump in, do their thing and do it well, grab their oath and go on to the next free crypto competition. While that content is still valuable for the oath ecosystem I think we should make this more about rewarding dedicated oath heads for their contributions. Use it to cultivate an army of oath contributors around for the long haul. I would suggest 6 months to start and see how that goes. And if it goes good and we find there was a lot of value in it, I think we should consider doing it as a yearly event. Extend it to a full calendar year and at the end of each year, the panel of judges review all the contributions and the biggest and best contributors are rewarded. Like the Grammys for oath ecosystem community contributors lol, with different categories and everything. Make it a thing, like a big end of year event. I think you could really get a lot of community involvement with something like this. And the beauty of it, is that it pays off for the ecosystem and the contributors. It would create year round incentive for the community to do their thing. I think an annual allotment of oath towards something like that could be money very well spent.

Just an idea anyways. Regardless I love the proposal and I think it’s a wise use of Oath.


I really like the initiative, especially to tease the idea and develop it into something bigger.

Some considerations for further evolving this program:

If we can allocate a small % of treasury specifically to this program we can use yield to buy back OATH and distribute to creators regularly. This would take some analysis WRT POL size and yield but could be a step to achieve longevity.

We could also grow some mature Digits and hand them out as prizes?

Excited to see the criteria the team comes up with and to see what the community comes up with!

Thanks Charlie and Co!


Handing out mature digit positions as a prize is a super cool idea!


I support this proposal

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i like your thought on this. 6 months should be the initial duration and then see how it goes from there.


I am impressed by the OATH Community Marketing Initiative proposed by SAMSoN and Charles - it taps into the creative potential of the OATH community to boost product visibility and engagement. Hopefully, this increase the brand’s reach while also strengthening the community’s bond with OATH through diverse creative contributions.

Addressing potential risks and the timeframe, the initiative does anticipate challenges like low participation and content misalignment with OATH’s brand values. Suggesting a flexible 3-6 month campaign duration may be prudent but a specific, longer timeframe could ensure more thorough community engagement and richer content. So I am unsure on what will work best.


I like it, good proposal, community engagement will be key here.

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Couldnt expect less coming from those two chads. you will never see me saying No to a good marketing proposal =)


Loving all the feedback here, thanks everyone!

I like the 6 month timeline, especially in agreement with @CatDad’s comments about richer content. It also avoids/filters out the fair weather content creator succubi looking for a quick buck @crypt0c mentioned.

Really cool ideas from @yuvi, I would vote for a simple version like what’s been laid out to test the waters, and if it’s going really well we can make it a continuous program and work in some more interesting rewards and funding options.

Also I want to highlight that this was Samson’s idea and original write up, I along with a couple others just offered some feedback and editing. Shout out to the ve’lord for getting this started!


don’t forget music my friends


I support the initiative. Hopefully it will generate renewed interest in the OATH ecosystem. I know my circles have expanded in CT over the past year, and I’m sure that’s the same for many of the early OATH participants. We need to be more vocal about what OATH has to offer, and this will incentivize that effort. Great work.


I think I will enter this one, stay tuned :joy:


Like this direction a lot and itll help explore what works b4 deploying larger capital. Engagement begets more engagment

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bebis and the spider man meme strikes again

Of course my guy, music is covered under Art!


I think this is ready for GPRC review, but happy to hear more questions/concerns if anyones got any

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send it

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