[OGP-DRAFT] OATH Tokenomics Upgrade - Part 2

This was my original idea on telegram group ages ago. I just dont have the technical knowledge to explain flash loan. But My idea was exactly to sell part of the oath into eth and let the user exercise into locked bOath. Totally in favour on offering options for people. As long it is minimum effort for them

Also good opportunity to generate more revenue for bOath

What happens if the user dont have or dont want to spend his Eth? He is left with the option of exercising full liquid Oath and dumping it all. So as I see: selling part of the oath to borrow eth and locking it into bOath is better than just dumping all (liquid version).

This is why the team needs to build a vault that anyone can interface with. It will have an incredibly high APR based on my design. Flashloan selling oath is not necessary when there will be a demand for independent users to take on this β€œrisk”


I like this direction. Definitely agree the zero-capital option should be least attractive and penalized to some degree. Also like the idea of the fees being directed to bOATH.

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I like this a lot. It looks very user friendly. Clear options, easy to understand.